FINE CHAMPAGNE The name denotes a mixture of BIG and SMALL CHAMPAGNE with a minimum of half for the BIG CHAMPAGNE.

Cognac or brandy life Charentes is produced from the distillation of natural wines harvested in the wine region of Cognac and distilled following the Charentais methods

The area bounded cognac spans almost the entire the Charente-Maritime department and most of the Charente department.

Map of various vintages

  • Big Champagne

  • Small Champagne

  • Borderies

  • Fine Wood

  • Good Wood

  • Ordinary Wood

The stay in barrels of Limousin oak type allows waper spirits of be tinged by dissolving certain principles of tannin which it has some of its mots exquisite flavors, but besides the color changer, there is other very visible changes such as decreased volume, changing the degree and more difficult to detect chemical changes such as oxidation, hydrolysis, acetalization, rancidity etc …

Thus the bouquet will develop gradually.